18 Brilliant #PINOF7 Questions We Demand to See Answered

We don’t want to alarm you or anything, but if there were ever a time to be on RED ALERT for an incoming “Phil is not on fire” video, THAT TIME IS NOW.



Every year since 2009, Dan and Phil have uploaded an annual video in which they answer viewer questions while sporting their trademark cat whiskers.

It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal until you remember that the first video was filmed one of the first times Dan and Phil ever hung out in person, and this year’s video will mark SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW that they’ve gathered together to Sharpie their noses up and commemorate the friendship that makes our world go round.



This year’s video is set to drop at any moment this weekend. So yeah, we’re freaking out.

Phil tweeted out this plea for questions on Thursday, sending the Internet into a frenzy and causing millions people around the world to lose every last remaining ounce of chill.


Here are our nominees for questions we want to see Dan and Phil answer this year. (Please.)


1. Time to finally bring every pastel/punk AU to life.


2. I literally don’t think anyone would be ready for this.


3. Who’s up for some dad dancing?


4. I don’t know why they would tell each other’s moms this but nonetheless I still want to see it happen.


5. This is just real life tbh.


6. One day we will out the secret fan account… one day.


7. I’m not kidding we need an explanation for this. #Illuminati


8. Everyone wins at this game.




10. This sounds like the start to a horrible CW soap opera that we would unashamedly binge watch. (Get it, BINGE watch?! Goodbye.)


11. We vote yes on this one. #DanAndPhilTakeANap2k15


12. A+ use of reverse psychology here.


13. Super funny prank 10/10 would recommend.




15. Again, not sure how this works, but I one million percent want to see it.


16. Here’s a dilemma: Who are the dads to the dads?


17. I don’t want to be dramatic but I don’t think I can peacefully leave this earth until I see this happen.


18. Hah hahahaha ha ha wouldn’t this be hilarious.


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Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. She is not ready. She is so not even ready. @Katie_Wingfield