One Direction Caused Trouble Up In Hotel Rooms In ‘Perfect’ Music Video

One Direction just might have given us the perfect gift we didn’t know we needed. The band pulled another surprise attack on us today and dropped the music video for their latest single, “Perfect.” In the video, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry showed us how they like to cause trouble up in hotel rooms. So, if you’re ever bored in your hotel room and the WiFi is failing you, the lads have some suggestions how you can entertain yourself.


1. Rip the sheets off the bed and build a fort


2. Serenade the ceiling


3. Hallway? More like runway. Hello, NY Fashion Week.


4. Host a snazzy tea party

tea party


5. Make it rain



6. Find a coloring book


7. Perfect your moves for da club


Check out the full “Perfect” music video!




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Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of She spends a lot of time causing trouble up in hotel rooms with her fiance, Niall. @chanandaler_14