A Definitive Ranking of the Times Dan Howell Fell Out of His Chair

Last night, we witnessed the birth of an addition to a legendary saga: Dan Howell falling off chairs. It happened live on camera, allowing 12,000 people to experience an iconic historic moment in real time. Bless.

In honor of this new chapter in history, we put together a list of all Dan’s chair falls (that have been documented on the Internet) and ranked them in order of least to most legendary. It’s so good it’ll knock you off your seat. (Get it?)

But first, a look back at the moments that made us cry. Of laughter.

5. World’s Fastest Coin Stacker

The Date: February 2011

The Story: This video has been deleted now because of a copyright issue, but it was part of Dan and Phil’s collab with Cadbury Spots vs Stripes, where YouTubers would try to break random world records. The actual video involved stacking coins, and in addition to Dan’s notorious square hair, it featured some clips of him vlogging in his university halls and being very graceful.

4. ApartmentRED

The Date:  Feb 25, 2011

The Story: ApartmentRED was a channel Dan and Phil used to appear on a few years ago. It gave us such gems as Phil making out with his hand and nerdy Dan in boxers making Phil faint (same). This episode featured Dan in his University of Manchester residence hall, which he used to say was barely big enough to stand up in, but is apparently big enough to fall off a chair in.

3. VYou

The Date: Nov 4, 2012

The Story: Long, long ago there lived a magical website called VYou that let people send in questions for YouTubers to answer in little video clips. It was a freaking blessing, and we mourn its loss every day. RIP. Dan used to log on at random times to answer questions about little personal quirks and give us much of our useless creepy knowledge of his life. Those days are gone now, but this gem lives on, widely regarded as one of the most iconic chair falls in history. The question: “A man goes in a bar. What’s a mango doing in a bar?” The answer: Priceless.


2. YouNow

The Date: May 5, 2015

The Story: Dan falling live on YouNow, a real-time demonstration of the art of a Dan Howell chair catastrophe. The most beautiful thing about this fall is that it happened approximately 2.5 seconds after Dan exclaimed, “I’m inspirational!” Note how gracefully he falls, too. It’s like it happens in slow motion. Then he decides to just lay on the floor in shame, which is always a good choice. Babe.

1. Five Nights At Freddy’s

The Date: Oct 27, 2014

The Story: This fall has everything: flailing arms, dramatic crashing sounds, coffee spilling everywhere, and Dan trying to blame it all on Phil. It happened during Five Nights at Freddy’s as part of Spooky Week on Dan and Phil Games, and as Dan says, “It’s not a good start to a gaming channel Spooky Week unless you’re cleaning brown stains off your furniture.”

We have so much to learn from this man. What’s your #1 Dan chair fall moment? Tweet us your favorite! @FakeTeamFangirl

Katie Wingfield is a senior electronic media major. She has never fallen off a chair, but she would gladly fall into Dan Howell’s arms. @Katie_Wingfield