Marcus And Niomi Have Broken Up

Most of the time, it’s easy to feel like the YouTuber world is a perfect place. Perfect people live their perfect lives behind their cameras, eat their perfect pastries they’ve baked in their spotless kitchen in perfect London, and we as viewers gush over their perfect lives and relationships. But days like these, we’re reminded that even the most beloved and perfect couples are real humans too, and deal with the same real world sh*t that happens to the best of us.

Earlier today, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart confirmed rumors that the two had split up after nearly eight years of being together.



Niomi tweeted that although this was an extremely private situation, their loyal and invested viewers deserve to know why the two haven’t been seen together in over a month.


Via @NiomiSmart

Lots of Niomi’s YouTube friends and fans sent their support after her tweet.


Shortly after, Marcus uploaded a candid and heartfelt video to his second channel.


In the video, Marcus starts by saying that “this is probably the hardest video I’ve ever had to make.”

He also explained how difficult and complicated the breakup was, considering that their relationship has been shared with millions of people online for years.

“I’m telling you because I feel like it’s right to tell you. I want and need you guys to know that we’re not together.”

In the video, Marcus also shared that what we see in his videos isn’t always the best representation of what’s really going on when the camera is off.

“Obviously what I share with you on YouTube is only a tiny, tiny section of my life.”


Much like fellow YouTuber Louise and Matt’s divorce, Marcus and Niomi emphasized that they want as much privacy as they can. Marcus said he would appreciate it if viewers “wouldn’t comment saying, ‘Oh my God, what happened?'” across all social media platforms.


“I’m sure that everything in the future will be fine, because that’s part of life. You have to get on with your life.”

Lindsay Webster is a Co-Founder of She loves Marcus and Niomi and wishes them the best. @webbylinster @FakeTeamFangirl