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7 Stages of Not Being at VidCon

But like, why aren’t we ALL at VidCon?

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Our Fave Videos of the Week

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Troye Sivan Is Going To Be On Ellen and We’re Freaking Out


Our Fave Videos of the Week

Initiate procrastination mode.

This Kid Knocks Down Gender Roles and it’s the Most Badass Thing Ever

Don’t need makeup to cover up

Our Fave Videos of the Week

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Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals!


Marcus And Niomi Have Broken Up

“I’m telling you because I feel like it’s right to tell you.”

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Merry Vlogmas, everyone!

Everything You Need to Know About Connor Franta’s New Common Culture Website

Here’s why this website is hella cool.

11 Festive YouTuber Instagrams That Will Warm Your Holiday Heart


Our Fave Videos of the Week

Did your faves make our list?


#SNERVOUS is finally here!

Troye Sivan Slays Tonight Show Performance and Reveals Secrets About Blue Neighbourhood

Troye has some juicy secrets to tell us!

Dan and Phil Just Used Fan Art to Narrate Fanfic They Wrote About Themselves Because They’re Dan and Phil

*Naked Harry Styles butts included*

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Videos videos videos videos

6 Intense Reactions to Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood

The feels are bit much sometimes.

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