Monthly Archive: July, 2015

The 6 Phases of Post Concert Depression

We’ve all been there…

6 Things That Were So Right About the Paper Towns Movie

Bet you didn’t expect a Pokemon musical number

The “Oscar’s Hotel” Teaser Is Out, Y’all

Much excite.

Jonah Green Released His First Single And Got Super Personal on YouNow

Featuring an exclusive video for our Team Fangirl readers! :O

Plaid Of The Week

Kicking it in plaid all day every day.

Our Fave Videos of the Week

Videos videos videos!


So much news happened in 3 days!

The Most Important Post We’ve Ever Made

Booty had Dan like…

Happy 5th Birthday, One Direction!

Five years already?!

The 10 Worst Feels You Feel When You’re Not At VidCon

I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

7 Things You Need To Know Before You Meet Your Favorite YouTuber

The more you know…

Plaid of the Week

Rock out with your plaid out.

Our Favorite Videos of the Week

What videos made the list this week?

Casey Neistat Announces Beme App

Way to go, Casey!

One Direction Joined Other Celebrites to Write a Children’s Book

The boys wrote another book but had some A list celebs help them this time.

Connor Franta Just Launched a Music Label

Surprise, b*tch.

Happy Birthday Luke Hemmings: 19 Milestones In His Life

Our favorite noodle is turning 19!

Your Guide To The Best Fangirl Summer Ever

How many of these have you crossed off your list?

Successful YouTube Comedian, Shane Dawson, Opens Up About His Sexuality

So proud of you, Shane!

Plaid of the Week

This week’s winner will make you do a double take.

Our Fave Videos of the Week

Hooray for YouTube!