Our Fave Videos of the Week

Hello Internet! It’s Sunday, you know the drill. Get comfy, grab some snacks and watch our fave videos of the week as a reason to procrastinate. Happy viewing!

Adele Carpool Karaoke By The Late Late Show by James Corden

Adele joins James for a drive through the streets of London and one hell of a karaoke party. You’ve gotta see this!


Reasons LA Is The Absolute Worst: Whine About It By After Party

“Los Angeles is a shame city because I’ve been here ten days and no one’s offered me a f*cking TV show or a starring role in an Oscar winning film.”


56. 2003 by Will Darbyshire

Looking back at old videos of yourself as a kid is a weird experience. Will captures the feeling in this nostalgic short film featuring himself when he was a kid.


Hangover by Vinny Balbo

Seriously falling in love with this 21-year-old dancer and his sick vidz. Check him out!


What were your fave videos of the week? Let us know! @FakeTeamFangirl