This Harry Styles Edit Will Punch You in the Ovaries

WARNING: Post may cause extreme feels, tears and self imploding.

Us Directioners have to find new ways to entertain ourselves during One Direction’s hiatus. Some fans have put their photo editing skills to use by making edits of the boys. Sounds normal, right? Just wait.

One edit in particular caused us to cartwheel into a volcano,¬†kicked us in the ovaries, and launched us into Narnia. We decided we had to share it with you, Internet. You’re welcome. PREPARE YOUR BODY, IT ISN’T READY.





Are you done sobbing at the gorgeousness, yet? No? Oh well, moving on.

Whoever thought to combine what looks like Zayn Malik’s hair sans 2012 blonde streak, Zac Efron’s jawline and Harry Styles’ face, is both a genius and evil. There’s no arguing that Harry with this hair cut would be hella attractive. Let’s be honest, homie would make us drool no matter what, he’s Harry effing Styles, duh, but you catch my drift.

Now everyone pray to the One Direction gods and Lou Teasdale that Harry goes for this hair style in 2016. #BringBackTheQuiffHarry



Do you think Harry would rock this look? Let us know! @FakeTeamFangirl

Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of She would leave Niall for Harry if he cut his hair like that. Lol jk she’d never leave Niall, you idiot. ¬†@chanandaler_14