Does One Direction Have a New Band Member?

Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction in March, rumors have spread about the band adding a new member. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, One Direction introduced its newest member to the world. Everyone meet… the 1D Potato.

The Potato was christened into the group through a kiss from Niall Horan and a stroke through Harry Styles’ luscious locks. Never thought you’d be jealous of a potato, did you? Neither did we.

After the Potato was introduced and officiated into the band by Jimmy Kimmel himself, the Potato joined the boys for an interview on the couch and even performed onstage with them.

Now the world waits in anticipation for the next move that the Potato will make, will it confirm the rumors that it is dating Ariana Grande?

 Luckiest Potato in t world !!

What would you do if you met the 1D Potato? Let us know! @FakeTeamFangirl

Bridget Rossi is a contributing writer for  She saw the Potato last night and tried to confirm if rumors were true about him and Ariana Grande but he sat motionless while his publicist yelled, “no comment.”