One Direction Fans Launch #TemporaryFixProject

If you are indeed a Directioner, you remember the infamous “No Control” campaign. Well, Directioners are at it again but this time, it’s for the song “Temporary Fix” off of One Direction’s new album, Made In The A.M. There’s no denying that “Temporary Fix” is “No Control” 2.0 in terms of raunchiness.*Endless hot flashes*



One of the reasons for the project is that our little Irish angel, Niall, wrote “Temporary Fix.” Cheeky devil, aren’t we Niall? The fandom was a bit surprised that “Niall the church boy” really became “Niall the bad boy.”

So what exactly is the “Temporary Fix” project? Well, it’s basically the exact same thing as the “No Control” campaign. Directioners are encouraging fellow 1D fans to stream the song on Spotify, request it on local radio stations and tweet #TemporaryFixProject to promote the song worldwide and turn it into a single.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.18.38 AM

Easy enough, right? So Directioners, let’s do what we do best and make out boys proud. Best fans in t world !



Let us know how you’re getting involved in the Temporary Fix Project! @FakeTeamFangirl

Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of She’s not surprised that Niall wrote this song.   @chanandaler_14