Dan and Phil Take New York: Everything You Need to Know

Dan and Phil touched down in America this week! We thought the sky seemed a little brighter and then we realized it was just Phil radiating beams of sunshine from sea to shining sea.


They’ll be stopping in New York, Chicago, and L.A. in the next few days to do some interviews, some book signings, and some serious waffle eating. We bet like $8 million they’ll stop at IHOP at some point.

The waffling has begun! I'm officially in America now 🇺🇸✨

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First stop: New York City, which Phil describes as “similar to London but stretched slightly upwards.”


WOCA Radio

The best part is at the end when the hosts say that now Dan and Phil have 8 million and two subscribers because they just subscribed. Welcome to the phandom, friends.



Auritt Communications Group

Most of the interviews they did were satellite interviews hosted by the Auritt Communications group, who posted this cheeky shoutout from the studio.



BizTalk Radio

This interview asks the hard hitting questions, like, “You’re both very tall, as far as height goes. I just thought that was interesting that you were both kind of tall.” Same.



Good Day Spokane

Look at these pros taking on traditional morning shows.


Huffington Post Live

Dan and Phil sat down for a chat with Alex Miranda and answered video questions from viewers about the book, the future of YouTube, and the truth about YouTube friendships and collabs. Dan said this was one of his favorite interviews to date because it was so well researched, and it totally was; Alex had even seen their very first videos.



With an inbox full of more than 75,000 questions, Dan and Phil sat down at Tumblr HQ to do an official Answer Time. They blessed us with this emotional af post that will make us smile for all of eternity.

They also blessed us with this lovely picture of Phil’s socks, which was equally as great.


Barnes & Noble Book Signing

The last stop of the day was the book signing that had people camping out at midnight the night before. The biggest news from the signing was a video of a dad appearing to yell at Dan and Phil as they left the venue, angry that his daughters had been cut off from meeting them. He yells that there are 15 girls left waiting to meet them, and them getting cut off is unfair because the girls are “buying your book” and “paying your rent.” Dan responds that ending the signing was their publisher’s decision, and they’d be happy to sign something for the people who were left.


People who were at the signing later clarified that the dad’s anger had been directed at the publisher, not the boys, and that Dan and Phil had been told the signing was over without knowing there were still people waiting. Dan later tweeted that the trouble came from disorganization, and that he was working on improving it for future signings.

But in all reality, the important news of the day was that Dan and Phil are confirmed Larry shippers.


Here’s a vlog of the complete signing experience, including the campout beforehand, Dan and Phil’s remarks before the signing started, and a first person experience of what it’s like to meet the beans themselves.



After taking on more in one day than most people do in weeks, we’re really happy they finally got to tuck themselves into bed and sleep for like 80 years.



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Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. She is exhausted just thinking about everything Dan and Phil did yesterday. @Katie_Wingfield