Liam Payne Announces Plans During One Direction’s Break

BREAKING NEWS: Liam Payne (sort of, well, not really) announced what he will be doing during One Direction’s break next year. Based on his recent tweets, he’s going to dedicate a lot of time over the break to drawing exquisite portraits on Snapchat.


Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


Here’s the kicker, Liam has a secret Snapchat account. GASP. Sure, he’ll probably share his creations with us on Twitter, but can you imagine the snaps he probably sends of him playing with his puppies, singing in the shower and screaming at the sight of spoons?! UGH. Just tell us what your Snapchat name is, Liam. I mean, we’re pals, right?

Our mission, fellow Directioners, is to use our One Direction Detection skills and find Liam’s secret Snapchat. Ready, GO!


What do you think of Liam‘s drawing abilities? Let us know! @FakeTeamFangirl

Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of Her and her fiance, Niall, are going to live on their private island during the break. Don’t come looking for us. @chanandaler_14