Last night, Troye Sivan released the third installment of Blue Neighbourhood called, “Talk Me Down.”  Part of Team Fangirl attended the music video release party and got the inside scoop on what went down. #WHAT

A few weeks ago, Troye tweeted a link to claim free tickets to see an early showing of “Talk Me Down” in Los Angeles.

Luckily, Team Fangirl claimed two tickets and the first thing we did was look up the venue where the event would be held. To our surprise, we found out it was going to be at….. a cemetery….can you say #spooky?

When we arrived to the cemetery, we were slightly creeped out by all the graves, but we jokingly stated that by the end of the night one of us would need to be buried in one of the plots. #DeathByFeels

IMG_6945When we arrived, there was a long line of people waiting to enter. The first 40 people in line got meet and greet wristbands to meet Troye after the VEVO Q&A. Unfortunately, we did not receive wristbands. :(

After waiting an hour or so, the line was ushered into the courtyard of a tiny chapel where they scanned our tickets. From that point on, it was a race to the top of the stairs. We had to climb three flights of stairs to reach the floor where the event was. It was a true fangirl test of stamina. As we walked in, merch was being sold (WILD CD, Blue Neighbourhood Sweatshirt, WILD Sweatshirt, WILD tote, and WILD beanie), and we were given free popcorn. Thanks, Troye!

The security guard started letting a few people in at a time, so we hauled ass and claimed seats right next to the microphone (#winning) where people would ask questions during the Q&A. As we waited for 8pm to roll around, we kept a watchful eye on the VIP section while jamming out to the music being played which consisted of Halsey, Walk the Moon and Nicki Minaj.

Us rocking out in anticipation. Much excite.

Finally, it was time for it to start!  We were told that the trilogy would be shown as a short film, meaning it would continuously play the three videos. As the first two videos played, the anticipation for the third kept building. The audience went through many emotions in the short three minute span- screeching, crying, and lots of yelling.

Our reaction seconds after we watched it. Still not over it.

After the trilogy ended, Troye walked through the crowd to the stage for the Q&A.

Troye answered many questions pertaining to the LGBTQ community, his album and specifically what album he would be listening to first on November 13th- One Direction or Justin Bieber.

After the Q&A ended, a meet and greet was held and those who did not have meet and greet could claim a signed poster in the hallway.


Lindsay’s Snapchat

Afterwards, we ran into Tyde and Laurelle, Troye’s brother and mom, and snagged a few cheeky pictures while also finding out about Laurelle’s pocket watch necklace. Laurelle is such an amazing Mom and it was an honor to meet her!

It was truly a spooktacular night to remember and luckily, neither of us had to be buried in the Cemetery.

Preorder Blue Neighborhood here! Make sure to check back on Friday morning for a recap of Troye Sivan’s LA concert!

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Bridget Rossi is a contributing writer for  She had to hold Lindsay’s hand during the showing of the trilogy because she was crying.