5SOS Made A Snapchat And We’re Losing Our Minds

This week must’ve been #blessed by the boy band gods because not only did One Direction create a Snapchat, 5 Seconds of Summer did too. Yep — We can’t even. There’s nothing better than waking up to a snap story from your favorite sprawled out on a bean bag showing off his fine booty. Well, okay, maybe there is one other thing but that was sooo August 2014 and we’ve matured since then (lol jk #neverforget).


Michael kind of runs it, but are we surprised? No.


You can watch Calum eat with his mouth open


And Ashton play with Snapchat filters


Luke appears randomly, like a rare unicorn


Calum shows off his booty (he leaves his pants on this time)


Get dat promo


Check out 5SOS’s first snap story here!


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Lindsay Webster is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. She votes that there should be more shirtless Luke in the stories. @webbylinster