Tyler Oakley’s Documentary Hits Theaters in December!

As if Tyler Oakley didn’t already have us pumped enough about the October release of his debut book, Binge, he broke MORE crazy news today that has us feeling snervous but excited.

“Snervous,” a documentary about Tyler’s life and career filmed during his Slumber Party tour, will hit select theaters this December and will be distributed digitally after the release. AHH!

Awesomeness Films (a division of AwesomenessTV) produced the film with the help of a team of producers including Tyler himself and longtime friend (and former Michigan State RA!) Korey Kuhl, according to Variety.

“I feel so lucky to partner with Awesomeness to bring my story to the big screen,” Tyler said in a statement. “I started out making videos as a way to connect and am thrilled by the opportunity to share one of the most exhilarating years of my life.”



Appropriately, fans are currently freaking out.

Even cooler? Just a day before the news dropped, Tyler went on a tour of NYC to take a casual look at some billboards. Billboards of HIMSELF. IN TIMES SQUARE.



Congrats on killing it, Tyler. We will be there in the theater of full of screaming people this December!

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Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. She once made Tyler Oakley laugh and it was one of the highlights of her year. @Katie_Wingfield