One Direction New Song, Album Name, and Snapchat Account Details!

Hello there 1D fans! Still alive after the past three days? Then you’re doing great.  (Although who are we kidding- if you can survive the whole of 2015 up to this point, you can survive anything.)

The boys are back at it this week! (And by “it,” we mean giving us heart attacks on an hourly basis.) They’ve got a name and release date for their upcoming album, a shiny new song, and, finally, MIRACULOUSLY, a Snapchat account! Here’s a rundown of the details.

One Direction’s fifth album, Made in the AM, will come out Nov. 13

Syco Entertainment

Syco Entertainment

We don’t know if the title has an artistic meaning behind it or is just referring to the fact that they recorded the entirety of the album in the bathroom of an AM/PM. (Jk obviously they didn’t. Although they did once write a song about KFC, so it wouldn’t be out of the question.)

It comes out the same day as Bieber’s new album, so it’s the perfect day to use one of those $20 iTunes gift cards you probably got for Christmas from that estranged aunt you barely know. GET READY FOR THIS KILLER ALBUM, Y’ALL.

You’ll instantly get their new song, Infinity, when you pre-order the album

It’s a good one. So good, in fact, that it inspired some extreme- but completely understandable- reactions.

Team Fangirl

via Team Fangirl’s group chat

Niall girls, get ready to die at how amazing Niall sounds on this song. And by “Niall girls,” we mean everyone, because you’re all about to die at how amazing Niall sounds on this song.

The boys got a Snapchat: OneDirection

We never thought the fangirl gods would bless us with this day, but here we are. We’ve gotten more behind-the-scenes gems in the past two days than we can even handle, so make sure you’re as emotionally prepared as possible before you tap to watch their story.

A little bonus news: Alfie Deyes was at the boys’ London performance at the Apple Music Festival today and promised vlogs of the experience coming soon! He initially tweeted about meeting them backstage as well, but those tweets are now deleted. #Illuminati

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