Inhale, exhale. What was simply an uncomfortable rumor amongst the 5SOSFAM has now turned into the terrifying truth. Yes, our precious Luke Robert Hemmings is (most likely) off the market and, ugh. We wish we were kidding.

The 6 foot 3 brooding blonde left popular West Hollywood bar The Nice Guy this week holding hands with 20-year-old Arzaylea. Arzaylea was at The Nice Guy with Luke and friends two nights in the last week, and was spotted at a 5SOS concert with Bryana a couple weeks prior. Until now, there was no definite proof of a relationship blooming between the two and also until now, we were emotionally stable.

*Side Note: I was enjoying drinks at The Nice Guy the exact same night Luke and Arzaylea were there, but I missed them by an hour. I realize that I could have prevented this whole thing if I just stayed long enough for Luke to fall in love with me. “So close but so far away” is now the theme song of my life. 

We searched into the deepest depths of the Internet to get the scoop about everything Arzaylea, and imagined we’d just find some flawless Instagram selfies and possibly some famous ex boyfriends. However, we were shocked at what we uncovered.

Her Twitter
Her Instagram
Her Tumblr
Her Snapchat: Arzaylea


1. She’s 20 years old and a trust-fund baby

Arzaylea is from Austin, TX and recently moved to Los Angeles for work, according to her extremely juicy tell-all formspring account. Her dad owns Tunes Headphones, which is probz why she hangs out with celebs.

No chill.


2. She dated a Tumblr famous guy named Bryan

Ok, shit gets cray with Bryan. You ready for this? Try and follow along.

They started dating in August of 2014 and were living together until the end of July 2015 when she moved to LA. A few months after the breakup, Bryan got feisty on Twitter.


Oh, snap. $$$ is involved. :O


And then Arzaylea fired back.

The shade.

Bryan’s Tumblr is full of exposing details about Arzaylea’s intentions.


3. She doesn’t like guys in bands



4. And her type is “Zac Efron”

Not finding “punk noodle boy” in this description.


5. She’s friends with Sam Pepper

Um, what?


6. She went to beauty school in Austin, TX

Which explains why her eyebrows are on fleek.


7. She’s a Halsey fan

She has good taste in music (and guys *CRY*).


8. She ships Muke

Same… but, what?


9. Her favorite 5SOS song is “Disconnected”


10. And she can do math


11. She has a history of being a groupie

Arzaylea has been heavily linked to the band Mice and Men.


Luke tweeted this the night he was photographed holding hands with Arzaylea.


Well, there will always be Malum.


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Lindsay Webster is a Co-Founder of She regrets every moment of her life for not staying later at The Nice Guy. @webbylinster