OMFG It’s Alfie’s Birthday


Our favorite Nala father turned 22 today and celebrated with a whimsical trip to a minimalist, techonologicaly advanced treehouse in the middle of the forest, as you do. Here’s a recap of Zalfie’s b-day retreat.


First thing in the morning, Alfie tweeted this, which was either a celebratory birthday tweet or an attempt to summon the spirit of Taylor Swift.

They stayed in a swaggy minimalistic treehouse that is 80 percent the coolest place in the world and 20 percent definitely haunted. It has a permanently steamy hot tub and a tiny secret slot in the cupboard where their breakfast is magically delivered every day by mysterious forest elves.

Zalfie started the day with breakfast in bed featuring the mysterious breakfast delivery.


Then they went on a mystical forest walk.


They spent the rest of the day steaming around in the tub. #FreeTheNipple


Much birthday. Very celebrate.

Quick, tweet Alfie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY before it’s too late!



Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of She is v dissappointed that Alfie’s new vlog doesn’t contain enough Nala. @Katie_Wingfield