Joe Jonas’ New Band: The Scoop on DNCE

Joe Jonas is returning to music scene with the launch of his new band, DNCE. We know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit strange to see him in a band without his brothers, Kevin and Nick, right? Well, obviously we miss the days of white skinny jeans, Ray Bans and The Nick J. Show, *Applause applause applause* but sometimes you have to say goodnight and goodbye (ba dum shh) to the past and hello to new and exciting things! Here’s the low down on Joe’s new band, DNCE.

It all started when Joe posted a video on Instagram that left us all a bit confused. We didn’t know exactly what DNCE was or what Joe had to do with it. We also didn’t know why the hell these people were at the beach.


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Then, this video was posted on Joe and DNCE’s accounts with simply “HI WORLD” as the caption. This still left us a little confuzzled because we weren’t sure if this was just a funny video (I mean, come on, it’s Joe, anything could happen) or the start of a new band.

HI WORLD @dnce

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But things finally made sense when Joe and DNCE posted this video announcing that DNCE is in fact a new band. Your new favorite band, apparently.


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DNCE‘s members include lead singer, Joe Jonas (duh), drummer Jack Lawless, who you may recognize from the Jonas Brothers’ back up band, keyboardist/bassist Cole Whittle and guitarist JinJoo Lee. The band released its debut single, “Cake By The Ocean” yesterday and it’s making us feel some kind of way. It’s actually a vibey tune. *Dances around like a flailing octopus* Have a listen and see what you think!

WARNING: Joe Jonas swears and it’s both weird and amazing.


So there you have it! A new Joe Jonas project that seems to be having a pretty gnarly start. Stay tuned to see what the future holds for DNCE.


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