Hannah and Ingrid Confirmed, Tyler Dating, Troye in Love!

ALL YOUR YOUTUBE SHIP DREAMS ARE ALIVE. This week was full of gifts in the YouTube romance world, from actual relationship confirmations to sneaky subtweets to confessions that there’s more to YouTuber dating lives than meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know.


Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen’s relationship is confirmed!

Hannah appeared in Diva Magazine this week to chat about the reality of her life as a YouTuber and miraculously validated our hopes and dreams by confirming that she is in fact dating Ingrid, and it’s as awesome as we always wanted it to be.

Diva Magazine

Diva Magazine

“Well, she’s also a YouTuber,” she said. “We’ve actually been friends for a couple of years, and then… circumstances kind of aligned. Her name is Ingrid and she is a big YouTuber. But she’s also just one of the most brilliant, soulful people I’ve ever met… So to have a peer who is my partner, who does what I do and gets this world, this world that we live in but also gets the world inside ourselves? Oh my god. I couldn’t be happier.”


Diva Magazine

Then everyone died of happiness.


Tyler Oakley told Seventeen he’s playing the dating game.

Tyler and Zoe Sugg appeared together on the cover of Seventeen Magazine this month– HOLD UP, WOW– and opened up about their image on YouTube and the reality of what happens when the camera’s off.


Seventeen Magazine

Tyler confessed that his dating life is the one thing he chooses to keep private– although that doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.


Seventeen Magazine


“Yes… I’m dating!” he said in the interview. “As someone who is inadvertently a performer, I’ve come to realize that relationships shouldn’t be a performance. That’s why I don’t really share them. I don’t really Instagram with boys. I don’t ever want to get mixed up thinking I have to be delivering content based on something that should be the No. 1 thing in my life.”

Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine


Troye Sivan is falling in love!

Troye took to Twitter yesterday and got personal in a promo tweet for his “WILD” lyric video.

He didn’t mention any names, but he did send an awfully cute birthday wish to Connor Franta the very next day.

And Troye’s dad revealed that Connor is in fact his fav.

He also blessed us with this cheeky photo. We would like to nominate Shaun to be verified as an official Troye updates account, btw.

Life’s not always easy when your life revolves around YouTube ships, but sometimes you just get #blessed. Thank you, YouTube OTP gods, for this wonderful week.

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