Alert: Taylor Swift is YouTube Trash

YouTubeย lovers, welcome your fandom’s newest member, Taylor Swift.


This week Taylor revealed herself to be 100% certified organic YouTube trash in an overwhelming chain of events that left everyone staring at their computer screens in bewilderment, including actual Troye Sivan.

Let’s back up.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones dying over Troye’s new EP, WILD. Lurking in the crowd of online admirers spamming the Internet with Troye promoย was actual worldwide pop sensation Taylor f*cking Swift.

Not only did Taylor acknowledge Troye’s existence, not only did she promoย WILD to her 63.3 million followers… no, no. She freaked the actual hell out about how much she loved it, called it #EPGoals and JUSTIFIED THE PROLIFIC USE OF CAPS LOCK BECAUSE SHE GETS IT.


This, which happened at 3 a.m. Australia time, understandably caused Troye to have a meltdown. (See previous photo). He reacted as calmly and eloquently as physically possible.


From there they began a surreal Twitter exchange in which they continued to WILDly fangirl over each other. (Get it?)


Troye also referenced this old tweet, which broke our hearts. #DreamsComeTrue

As if we weren’t already ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY DEAD at the immensity of the situation, Taylor then favorited this tweet from Connor Franta.


Sorry. This is just a lot to handle.

A couple days later, she decided it would be a totally chill and not life imploding thing to retweet Lilly Singh/ Superwoman’s video in which she and Grace Helbig spend five solid minutes acting out the tragically beautiful life of a Taylor Swift fangirl. And who acknowledged this entire interaction? The literal CEO of YouTube. #TaylorIsYouTubeTrashCONFIRMED


Here’s Lilly’s brilliant video, for the record.


And on top of THAT, this isn’t even the first time Taylor and Grace have interacted. She and Mamrie Hart got into Taylor’s 1989 meet and greet during her L.A. tour stopโ€“ where they got recognized by Reese Witherspoon, another YouTube fan, go figureโ€“ prompting Grace to rave in a vlog about how much she appreciates Taylor’s kindness, realness, and genuine work ethic.


While this is overwhelming, we can’t say we’re honestly surprised that Taylor was an undercover Internet person. It’s no secret she loves cats, and everyone knows that’s a dead giveaway. We should have seen this all coming from the first day she joined Tumblr, when, despite her mom-like inability to figure it all out, she was engulfed into the inevitable all night scrolling session that every Internet person has encountered.


Welcome to the YouTube fandom, Taylor, we’re happy to have you! Enjoy your descent into obsession. See you at VidCon!


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ย Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of She doesn’t even go here. @Katie_Wingfield