Our Fave Videos of the Week

 Happy Sunday! Here’s your weekly dose of Team Fangirl’s favorite YouTube videos. Let the endless hours of watching videos commence!


One Direction – ‘Dear World Leaders’ By OneDirectionVEVO

One Direction asked fans to help them reach out to world leaders to make a short film telling them what kind of world we want to live in. Together, we can make our voices heard and be the change!


The @ Button is Free | Ben J. Pierce By KidPOV

Indirecting people is pointless when the @ button is free.


Working From Home // Tips for Staying Organized & Motivated by Ingrid Nilsen

Super helpful tips for anyone whose job involves the Internets- which includes us at TFG!


Moq Does My Makeup by Jenna Marbles

Forget all those other beauty vloggers. Moq is the only one that matters. Check out her stunning makeup tutorial and inspiring stories about dating Harry Styles and using his credit card to buy sassy tank tops.


Internet Support Group 6 by danisnotonfire

Dan’s back to answer your disturbing questions in another Internet Support Group video! These videos are so weird because they allow you a small glimpse into the caring, concerned, intelligent mind of Dan Howell, but also contain mentions of dying fish and weird NSFW stuff on Tumblr. You win some, you lose some.


Harry Styles is Passionate about Poutine – Montreal – 9/5/15 by TheKA4

“I want to mic drop but won’t cause it’s too expensive.”


Player 2 by Tom Fletcher

Tom has always had an outstanding way of giving announcements and this is no exception! What could it be?


WILD (Blue Neighbourhood Part 1/3) by Troye Sivan VEVO

Everything about Troye’s new music video is art.


What were your favorite videos this week? Let us know @FakeTeamFangirl