Jonah Green’s Perfect Girl

Let’s throw it back to December 23rd, 2013. Our little SDK nugget, Jonah Green, enjoyed long walks on the beach and writing beautiful and insightful text posts on Tumblr, one of which being about his perfect girl. Now, in 2015, he revisited the moment on his YouTube channel. Of course, we all want to know what qualifications it takes to be Jonah’s perfect girl, so we’ve collected the details below.

Jonah Green

Jonah begins by stating that his perfect girl, “isn’t the most beautiful girl in the world, or famous, or even wonderful all the time. She’s human. She’ll make mistakes, she’ll live a normal life, and she’ll probably be unpleasant at times…She may not necessarily have all her shit together, which is totally cool because I don’t have my shit together either.” He expressed how they’re just two completely average human beings whose paths happened to cross in the right place at the right time. *Heart eyes emoji.*

“I don’t want a match, I want an opposite.”

He voiced his desire for a girl who views the world differently than him so he can see the world from a different viewpoint. They won’t always agree or like the same things, but they can also grow with each other and discover new things that the world has to offer for each of them as individuals. He said that he doesn’t want a reflection of himself; he wants someone who compliments him — someone who will bring out the best in him, as he will do for her. #PREACH

“I want to be constantly surprised and intrigued by her.”

As many of us probably have predicted, Jonah seeks adventure. He doesn’t want some boring, traditional life, he wants more. He wants to see what the world has to offer him and he doesn’t want to wait. His perfect girl should share the same quality. He states that he wants someone who’s all over the place, someone who’s all together “wild.” The “type of girl to call 15 times at 5:00 a.m. because she wanted to go to Santa Monica.” (Real talk: Who is awake that early?)

Going back to looks, he expressed that “his perfect girl won’t always be looking in the mirror, checking to see if she looks okay, because she already knows that she does.” He emphasized how confidence is an attractive quality to him and that he wants someone who’s independent — someone who won’t need to talk to him day and night. Her focus won’t always be him, and that’s great! He explained the concept as being “healthy space.” Aka, they shouldn’t always rely on their significant other for happiness or approval. Whatever she’s into, she always has her head wrapped around some magnificent dream or goal. She has her own life outside of her life with him, which allows her to go on even if they decide to separate.

Nowadays, people can get so tied up in relationships that they lose sight of the important pieces. People can be too fascinated with gifts or certain unnecessary actions or specific “relationship goals” that are plastered all over mainstream media (See: I Want by One Direction). A romantic relationship can be a lovely piece of your life, but it shouldn’t take up the entirety of it, at least not yet. To maintain a healthy relationship, you can’t rely on another human being to be your saving grace. You have to be comfortable and love yourself before you can move on to loving another person.

Being an independent individual is a very attractive quality. Jonah preached that it’s important to completely grow on your own before connecting deeply with another person. He communicates that in order to have a healthy relationship, one needs to develop into their own persona and find personal passions. He stresses that the couple should not be identical, but rather understand it’s okay to disagree or have different likes and dislikes from the person you love. Most importantly, he states, while in a relationship, two people should not be identical. A couple should enlighten the best qualities in each other in order for them to grow as individuals and view see the world differently. It’s important not to get wrapped up in everything that movies and T.V. shows teach you about love. Love yourself first, and your perfect girl/boy will follow close behind.

We could all use important relationship advice from Jonah, whether it’s simply about being yourself or channeling your inner rebel by going to Santa Monica at 5 in the morning (seriously why would anyone do that?).

Hannah Rose is a contributing writer for She strongly suggests that you check out Jonah’s tumblr for more heart-wrenching words from a lovely human being. @tishannahrose