An Open Letter to Liam Payne on His 22nd Birthday

Dear Liam aka Batman aka Birthday Boy,

Today is your 22nd Birthday! Wow, time flies. Just yesterday, you were the little 14 year old with Justin Bieber hair auditioning for The X Factor for the first time. Not only have you gone through MANY different hair┬ástyles, but you’ve also taught us so much over the past five years. One of the greatest lessons you’ve ever taught us involved a snake habitat.

It was a crisp September day (probably, we don’t actually know what the weather was but just go with us) in Australia when you sent these historic tweets with the best of protective intentions.

You were just trying to save some precious lives from venomous snake bites, but in reality, you did so much more.

There’s a reason it took two tries to convince a hoard of girls to get out of a literally life threatening situation. There’s a reason they would rather have risked actual death to get a glimpse of you than flee to safety at the first sight of danger. It has a lot to do with you, Liam. In all honesty, though, it has a lot more to do with us.

Here at Team Fangirl, we’ve embraced the “snake habitat” as a metaphor for fangirl life: It’s never easy, it’s always interesting, and you couldn’t convince us to turn around and leave it if you tried. (Which you did.)

We stand in the snake habitat every day. We white-knuckle it through relationship rumors, misunderstanding media, costly concert tickets, and daily drama in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the good life: spur of the moment music releases, interviews that leave us even more in love, and the comfort of knowing we’re never alone in our adventure.

We willingly put our sanity and social lives in the line of fire as we stay up all night to watch grainy livestreams of your shows from a thousand miles away, get heart palpitations with every Twitter notification, and struggle to catch our breath with each new photo of you looking absolutely killer. Do you how many ovaries have been casualties of this struggle? Half the teenage population is probably infertile by now.

But despite the stress, the physical and emotional pain, and the danger of being mocked for our choice to love you, we would never consider turning around. It is undeniably worth it. We can’t exactly explain why. There’s no specific list of reasons for our dedication. What it really comes down to is that we’ve always had fires for hearts, but you were the spark that gave us a reason to burn.

If you can’t tell, we’re very emotional about you today. (What else is new?) But suffice it to say that your snake habitat tweets say everything that needs to be said about our love for you today, on your 22nd birthday. You can try all you want, year after year, to get us out the fields, but guess what, Liam? We’re not going anywhere. Here’s to another year of the adventure.


Team Fangirl

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