One Direction: A Break Is NOT a Break Up

Another day, another bullshit article written about One Direction. The Sun, a notoriously unreliable source, recently wrote an article saying that One Direction will break up in March 2016. Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England. *Aggressive eye roll*

Directioners knew this was a load of crap because Liam literally said in an interview that they’re NOT splitting up, but simply taking a SHORT break after the release of the band’s fifth album. However, this article caused rumors of a split to go around the Internet. Even after Billboard published an article stating that the rumors of a split were false, people were still freaking out. Until Niall came to the rescue, that is. Let’s be honest, we all trust Niall as he is a One Direction update account.

Niall stepped in and gave us all a massive chill pill.

 Louis reassured us that it’s ONLY a break.

Then Liam made us well aware of an amazing future for One Direction. YAS.

After Niall, Louis and Liam  denied the break up rumors, Directioners got #OhNoTheSun to trend worldwide on Twitter. Another day another slay. *Fandom hair flip*

So basically, One Direction is taking a well deserved break after five years of touring. We have nothing to worry about, the boys still love us and aren’t going anywhere. They need a break so they can come back well rested and stronger than ever! A break is NOT a break up! NO matter what, we will always love the boys and they will always love us.

I believe a 1D family hug is in order.

And as for break up rumors…

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Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of Her and Niall will backpack through Europe during One Direction’s short break. @chanandaler_14