Everything Right About James Corden’s YouTuber Edition of The Late Late Show

You know that feel when YouTubers get to do really incredibly cool things and represent #TeamInternet in amazing new ways and you just get really emotional about it? WE’RE FEELING THAT SO HARD RIGHT NOW.





YouTube’s been getting an undeserved sucky rap in traditional media over the last week, with major media outlets refusing to acknowledge Internet stars’ presence at the Teen Choice Awards and aggressively discrediting their success in every way they can. Among the lamest of culprits was E! Online, who posted an article snubbing everyone from Amanda Steele to Joey Graceffa, and responded with a series of laughably immature tweets when #TeamInternet fought back against its ignorance.



But enough of that nonsense. Something beautiful happened in traditional media this week that finally gave YouTube and its content creators the credit and celebration they deserve: James Corden hosted an all YouTuber edition of The Late Late Show, filmed at the YouTube Space L.A. and featuring dozens of YouTube’s best and brightest. There were so many things right about it, we’re completely buzzing.

We adore James Corden here at TFG, and not just because 2/3 of us have been on the show! He earned our devotion when he totally slayed One Direction’s first post-Zayn television appearance, gave us the gift of 1D in gym shorts, and managed to reference High School Musical in the process.




Of course he was the first late night host to give YouTubers an entire episode to themselves! He’s the f*cking best.

We knew this episode would do YouTube justice right from the start, when the guests (Jenna Marbles, Kandee Johnson, and Tyler Oakley) filmed promos for the show parodying typical YouTube videos without being offensive.




Then there was the YouTube Musical promo, which honestly made us more emotional than we’d like to admit. (I cried, homies.) There’s something so magical about seeing everyone from Rebecca Black to the Double Rainbow guy killing it on screen together. Plus, the lyrics are on point. “The greatest gift God could ever give/ YouTube is your reason to live.” SAME.


Right off the bat, the Slo Mo Guys blew up a watermelon, which is probably when most non-YouTube fans were like “WTF have I gotten myself into.” But you know they loved it. Explosions are always a great way to win people over.



Then Kandee Johnson performed a magical transformation turning James into a Barbie. The best part about this clip was that they showed parts of her actual YouTube videos! That’s how you give creators credit, people.


It wouldn’t be a YouTube show without a cheeky blindfolded challenge, which they totally nailed. (Casually waits for this to become an actual YouTube challenge in 3..2..1…)


Tyler and Jenna sat down for interview with James, in which he was super supportive and not at all condescending. WHAT A CONCEPT. They talked about their backgrounds, Jenna’s masters degree in psychology (slay girl), and how being on YouTube has changed their lives.


Epic Rap Battles of History did a live recreation of one of their most popular videos. Here’s something you don’t see on TV every day.


Then Jenna and Tyler played a cheeky game of YouQuiz, which was a lot like Casper Lee’s “Sexy YouTube Quiz” but without the cool prizes like a dirty fork or Zoella’s dog. At the end, James told viewers to subscribe to their channels, which was like the coolest subscribe promo in the history of ever.



Jenna’s boyfriend, Julien Solomita, vlogged a cheeky bit of behind-the-scenes footage from filming. Can we just say that Julien wins the #1 Supportive Boyfriend award? We want a Julien in our lives.



It was emotional night for us as viewers, and just as emotional for Tyler, Jenna, and Kandee themselves.




Good on you, James Corden. You keep winning our hearts over and over again. Thanks for repping YouTube the right way!


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Katie Wingfield is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. If she had a talk show, she would have YouTubers on it every day. Sponsor me, CBS. @Katie_Wingfield