Zayn Malik’s Debut Solo Album: The Song Titles…Probably

Things have been going bat shit crazy since March 25th. After Zayn left One Direction, he decided to quit a lot of other things in his life. For example, Zayn recently ended his engagement to Perrie Edwards who he literally worshiped for years. What the hell has gotten into this boy?! I think he just woke up one morning and decided to take a turn onto F*ck Everything Up Ln.

Zayn Malik has certainly increased his sass meter lately, especially on Twitter. Zayn has tweeted more in the past three months than he did while he was in One Direction for four years, nine months and two days. Almost all of his recent tweets were dedicated to Twitter fights, subtweets and selfies. One of his recent subtweets got us thinking. It isn’t news to us that Zayn has signed with a new label and his recording his debut solo album. However, we weren’t aware that Zayn writes his own material. But apparently he does…dickhead.

Obviously song writers use personal experiences to write their songs. Zayn has had some crazy experiences in his life being in the biggest boy band in the world and randomly quitting to pursue his own career. Based on his life in the spotlight, we’ve come up with some probable song titles for his debut solo album that is most likely going to be titled I Write My Own Shit Dickhead.

I Write My Own Shit Dickhead

  1. You Never Knew Vas Happenin’

  2. Blonde Streak Rebellion

  3. Simon No Longer Says

  4. One Infection

  5. Bus 1 (The Untold)

  6. You Never Asked if I Gave a Mother F*ck

  7. That Song’s Really About Getting High

  8. #RealMe

  9. Perrie Tat Removal

  10. You Fat Joke (Nobody Knows You)

  11. Green Hair Don’t Care

  12. How Do I Throw Shade

  13. Fan Art (F. ART)

  14. Not So Modest! Anymore

  15. Just A Little Boy From Bradford

  16. Now I’m Smashing It…Kinda

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