Our Fave Videos of the Week

Welcome to another edition of TFG’s favorite videos of the week! Grab some snacks and don’t leave the couch while you enjoy some Sunday videos. Happy watching!

Adult Haul // Grace Helbig By Grace Helbig

Grace gives her insight on what peculiar items are key to being an actual adult.



“Drag Me Down” (One Direction Cover) by Shawn Mendes

#Bless. Bless this cover.


Walking Zoella’s Dog! By Sacconejolys

The Sacconejoly clan hung out with Zalfie and took Nala for a walk on a lovely English day.

She’s Kinda Hot (Behind the Scenes) by 5 Seconds of Summer

Ashton comes home from war, 5SOS makes a low-budget horror film, and Michael tries to make-out with Calum.


beautiful love story ★ by danisnotonfirevyou1

It’s not what you think. It’s SO MUCH BETTER. Our fave person danisnotonfirevyou1 reasserts why they are the f*cking queen.



gettin’ things off my chest by Troye Sivan

Remember the time Team Fangirl was in the audience for Troye’s “Wild” announcement? We do, too.

What were your favorite videos this week? Let us know @FakeTeamFangirl