Classic Joe Jonas Moments: Happy Birthday, DJ Danger!

On this day, 26 years ago, a Jonas was born. Not just any Jonas, but Joe Jonas. Joe might be the middle Jonas, but he never let us forget about him. During the glory days of the Jonas Brothers, Joe was known to cause shenanigans. He made us laugh, he made us cry and he made us truly love being a Jonas Fanatic. His staple white skinny jeans and collection of Ray Bans will never be forgotten. In honor of Joe’s birthday, let’s reflect on some of his most memorable moments.

When he rapped about his friend, The Muffin Man.

When he performed this legendary dance routine for no reason.

That time he beefed it on the AMAs and cut his hand on broken glass.


When he decided that Oklahoma does not have motor vehicles. (It does, don’t fret)

When he revealed his true identity.

When he had no idea what Twitter was called and it got weird.

That time he gave “Nick J is Off the Chain” a run for it’s money.

So here’s to you, Joe! Thanks for the many laughs over the years. We hope you have an amazing birthday! We’ll never forget the glory days.

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Chandler Howard is a Co-Founder of She dated Joe before she found the true love of her life, Niall. @chanandaler_14