Hey Violet Plays First Headlining Show in LA, Slays The Game

Hey Violet played their first headlining show in the U.S. last night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood and KILLED IT. Imagine a punk rock party filled with 5SOS fangirls and an intimate venue where you and Hey Violet are like, breathing the same air (Calum Hood, too, but we’ll get to that later).

I, along with our contributing writer Hannah and researcher Bridget, got to experience this insanely rocktastic concert first-hand. Here’s the lowdown of what happened at Hey Violet’s first headlining show, from slaying harmonies to Calum Hood sneakily sitting behind us the whole time.

When we arrived at the venue, it was important that we devised a game plan. The chances of 5SOS coming to support their opening act and their only signed band to their record label was unarguably really, really high. Being the only over 21 member of our squad, I went upstairs to the bar and looked around. Would Ashton be able to quickly grab a beer from this bar during the show? Probably.

View from the upstairs bar at the Troubadour // Lindsay Webster for Team Fangirl

View from the upstairs bar at the Troubadour // Lindsay Webster for Team Fangirl

Upstairs had a roped-off VIP section, but it was in clear view from the audience so the boys really wouldn’t be there. It’s important to note that the Troubadour is a pretty small venue with hardly any backstage/VIP space. The green room was visible from the crowd and Hey Violet would randomly pop their head out from behind the curtains. We concluded that there’s one spot any unusually tall, punk-infused boy would view a concert without getting noticed: The sound booth.

We were pretty close to the stage, so I ended up not going upstairs to the bar during the show in hopes to find a wild 5SOS (Ash wasn’t at the show, so I don’t entirely hate myself for this decision).

Hey Violet played their set, and it was incredibly high-energy and fun.

They played their hit songs

So ~punk~

Casey did a hot thing

Miranda climbed the stage

We jammed

They even played a flawless ballad

This is where things get extremely depressing for our squad. After the show, we headed to the LACMA to take artsy AF Instagram photos, as one does. At that moment, Calum Hood posted an Instagram.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Hannah instantly fell to the floor and I almost started crying. We documented the horrible discovery.

We eventually calmed down and tried making ourselves feel better because in reality, there was no way we could’ve seen Calum at the show. He was in the depths of the sound booth being ninja AF.

Unfortunately we learned later that my future husband and current bae Luke Hemmings was at the show too, and they went to The Nice Guy in West Hollywood afterwards. *sigh*

Being a fangirl can be exhausting, but being a fangirl in Los Angeles is probably one of the most tolling activities both physically and emotionally.



In the end, we got to share the same amazing concert with two bands that we love and made some memories. Thank you, Hey Violet, for letting us be a part of your first U.S. headlining show! We had a blast.

Lindsay Webster is a Co-Founder of TeamFangirl.com. She was so close, but so far away. @webbylinster