A Brief History of #Hangrid

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Required listening.

“I’ve been obsessed with this song ‘Electric Love’… It has a personal meaning to me that will stay personal, but it’s wonderful and makes me really happy when I listen to it. Ingrid goes off to blush now!” -Ingrid, July Favorites 2015


#Hangrid: The latest in a long line of YouTube ships that has the Internet’s heart racing. Who doesn’t love two cheery ladies supporting each other through life’s tough stuff, making amazing videos together, and hanging out on a daily basis? While the jury’s still out on this duo’s relationship status, there’s no denying their story so far is nothing short of electric. Here’s a look back on the history of Hangrid.


Ingrid and Hannah’s first picture together was in the spring of 2014, soon after the Camp Takota release. Lucky Ingrid met her idol!



The Camp Takota love continued at VidCon 2014, where Ingrid named Hannah as one of her YouTube crushes, along with Grace and Mamrie.


Later in the year, they graced us with this matching plaidstagram, becoming Plaid of the Week goals for life.



In April of 2015, Ingrid was living in New York and working through her understanding of her sexuality, as she mentioned in her coming out video. Hannah was among a bunch of YouTubers who flocked to the city for a YouTube event Ingrid also attended.

Just a bunch of cuties being cute.

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There they hung out and were v professional, sharing brownies, hanging out in Ingrid’s kitchen, and galavanting around the city, as you do.

Denim. Dinner. Dumbo.

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By June 5, they were back in L.A. to film “MDK: Gays of Thrones” and Ingrid’s first “Sense of Self” video at Hannah’s house.


Ingrid posted her coming out video on June 9, and Hannah’s show of support was when the world fell in love with their friendship.


Their “My Drunk Kitchen” episode came out on June 11. It was the longest MDK Hannah had ever posted, and was full to the brim of wonderful moments.



Ingrid was back in New York by mid June. Somebody missed her.


On June 21, Ingrid posted her “Sense of Self” video, a really touching heart-to-Hart exchange. In the intro, Ingrid talks about how lucky she is to know Hannah, and describes spending time with her as, “a wonderful dinner that lingers late into the evening, and you don’t even notice how late it is because it’s just so easy, and it’s so delicious, and you want to keep it going.”


At the end of June, Hannah and Ingrid were among a bunch of YouTubers who flew to Cannes for a business event, thankfully vlogged by Tanya Burr. It turns out Hannah’s signature shades once belonged to someone else.


Then came VidCon 2015, where Hannah called Ingrid her YouTube crush on the mainstage, and this unbearably beautiful moment happened.





The two of them got closer and closer throughout the summer, although their friendship may have been tested by Plants vs. Zombies.


Lately they’ve been chilling on the daily, wearing punny shirts and hanging out in NYC.


sprout and about in nyc

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Smiles in the city! 😁 📷: @harto

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Please take note of the photo cred for this one.

sweet, sweet sunday 🍰 📷: @harto

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Ingrid makes regular appearances on Hannah’s snap story, which is conveniently archived here. The latest addition was full of smiles.


As with any YouTube ship, people are torn on whether or not Hangrid is a couple or just a really adorable friendship. We don’t really care. We’re just glad to see they’re putting smiles on each other’s faces, and we hope that doesn’t change anytime soon.





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