Dan and Phil Pulled a Beyonce and We’re Dying

In the midst of all the horror of this week, there’s finally something to be happy about. And when we say happy, we mean UNBELIEVABLY STOKED.



We all thought the Phandom was at maximum excitement capacity this week, with the promise of Dan crashing Phil’s liveshow on Sunday and the knowledge that their foretold celebratory Dan and Phil Games hitting 1 million subscribers “Just Dance” video could drop on us unannounced at any given moment.

We had no idea these two little sh*ts could be any sneakier.

In a bizarre and beautifully Beyonce-esque reveal, Dan and Phil announced they’ve written a book and will be going on tour with their own show to promote it this fall.

Then they went completely offline for almost 24 hours, leaving us all to freak the f*ck out.

While there was some controversy over the authenticity of their project given the amount of YouTubers releasing books that are often not completely self-written, the boys put all the rumors to rest when they finally uploaded a follow-up video that answered our billion questions.

Turns out, not only did they write the book themselves, they’ve been secretly working on it for a year. A YEAR. How did they keep that a secret?!

They documented the entire process for a “making of” video, and in the few snippets shown in the video, we saw them discussing it during Christmas…



…what looks to be them having meetings after filming gaming channel videos…



…photoshoots that happened mysteriously sometime in the last few months…



…and even clips of Dan writing alone in his bedroom. *Pause for eloquent Dan feels.*



There’s so much to love about this project we don’t even know where to begin. There’s the fact that Dan and Phil pitched the idea to a publisher themselves rather than being approached by a company to do it.

There’s the actual content of the book that holds all the secrets of their world that we don’t even know if we’re ready to handle. Their moms telling the stories of their actual births? Phil’s teenage diaries?! THE TRUTH ABOUT VEGAS?!


We can’t decide what’s more touching: Their proud statement that this book is a testament to their friendship and the world they’ve created, or this tweet.

“We wanted to make something,” Dan says in their announcement video. “Something physical, something real you can have and hold and to remind you of all of these good times and to prove that once there were these two guys called Dan and Phil who met each other on the internet and created this entire world.”


Let’s not even discuss the fact that the book comes out in October, the month they became friends and met IRL for the first time. Let’s not even talk about it, OK?

There’s been tons of positive hype across the web, including some super sweet support from Phil’s brother, Martyn, who’s involved with their work on danandphilshop.com.

We know the wait for the book and the tour (which they plan to expand beyond the U.K. including ACTUALLY COMING TO BRAZIL) will be excruciating, but we know it’ll be so worth the wait.

We’re so happy Dan and Phil are taking their careers to a whole new level and doing it with the authenticity and genuine care we love them for. We’re proud to be a part of this crazy world that all exists because of one incredible friendship.

“It was all an accident. None of this could have ever existed, but it does, and it is really special to us, and we hope for you guys, too.”

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Katie Wingfield is a senior electronic media major. She did not know she was physically capable of this much excitement. @Katie_Wingfield