8 5SOS Songs That Could Be About Food

Everyone knows Michael wants another slice of PIZZA PIZZA, but does he feel as passionately about raisins? Here are eight 5SOS songs that could be subconsciously written about food. We’ll never hear them the same way.

1. Donut Stop


“Don’t stop, chewing what you’re chewing, cause every time you walk in the room I’ve got all eyes and you and your donut donut donut”


2. Some Fried Food


“She eats alone, my heart wants potatoes, I wish I had, I wish I had some fried food”


3. Heartache on the Baked Bean


“Yell ‘COOK!’ We’re stuck inside this steam. This is heartache on the baked bean.”


4. Noodle Doll


“Tell me where you’re hiding your noodles, doll, cause I can’t control myself.”


5. Out of My Lemon


“You’re just a little bit out of my lemon. It’s been two years now, you haven’t even squeezed the best of me.”


6. She Looks So Pear-fect


“She looks so pear-fect standing there, probably because she is a pear.”


7. Social Casual-tea


“So save me from the tea I’m meant to drink. Don’t wanna be a victim of authori-tea, I’ll always be a part of the minori-tea.”


8. The Only Raisin


“When I close my eyes and try to sleep
I fall apart, I used to be a grape
You’re the raisin, the only raisin”


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Katie Wingfield is a senior electronic media major. Katie wants another slice. @Katie_Wingfield @FakeTeamFangirl